Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More Free Forms at Durham Arts Council

Ah, the end of Summer Camp at the Durham Arts Council... but we were able to have a great blow-out Poplocks event, with new pieces for building and a bevy of new creatures, robots, and vehicles.

This was the first event where I brought larger Poplocks panels for young builders to use. Frequently, many builders try to make a larger creature or vehicle, and it can be tedious to cobble together many small pieces to produce one ugly, prickly piece that is hard to decorate with markers.

You can find some of the pieces in the Poplocks Free Forms downloadable PDF - just click on the big "Free Forms" icon to the left. Print them out and card stock, and make sure to buy a 5/8" circle hole punch from your favorite art supply store.

As always, I learn so much about how young builders choose to create with the blank pieces, and it's always amazing to see how much imagination goes into the decoration. Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

I've also learned a lot about what is easy and what is difficult. My future designs will take age and ability into consideration, and I'll be sure to create ideas and instructions that are geared towards, beginners, skilled builders, and master builders. I already know that everybody will have fun with Poplocks, but I want to be sure that frustration is knocked away to make way for the excitement of building anything one wants to.

Thanks again to Ms. Willa the munificent educational TV star and Christina King, DAC Summer Arts Camp Manager. This was yet another great opportunity to see creative kids make surprising things!

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