Monday, July 30, 2012

Poplock Freebie - X-PLR and BLOCK RACER!

I am very excited about this latest "Freebie" release! The Block Racer is my first PopLocks vehicle and I managed to fit all of it and a Face Block driver (X-PLR or "Explore") onto one sheet of card stock! As you can see above, the racer vehicle looks very nice when two or more colors are used. Print on colored card stock, 65lb. or heavier for the best results!

One other thing to note - the Poplocks on this sheet are slimmer, but they still work just as great as the wider-flapped version. Slim Poplocks allow more, larger parts to fit on the page!

Click "Read More" to grab this PDF from the Download Link and also see what's up when Face Blocks get their race on!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

RK-ND the Spider Bot

Well now, the studio is back in action! Out pops another bot! RK-ND (rachnid), a Series 2 Poplocks Super Combiner and it will be available for purchase soon, along with the other new Super Combiners. Even before that happens, you will see another surprising Face Block Freebie release. Stay tuned!