Monday, August 11, 2014

Free Forms at Durham Arts

Well, this is the fourth post in a row where it's a gallery of kids creations from the Summer Campers at the Durham Arts Council. Today, I re-introduced Poplocks Free Forms shapes a new set of campers. The goal today was to give each artist the means to create whatever they could think of.

My expectations were met and then surpassed, as each camper became a skilled builder in minutes, and showed how much of a creative builder they could be in just an hour and a half!

Each camper was given a pack of parts and some Poplocks to start, though I told them right away that they could go to the big pile of parts and pull as many as needed to build as big or as strong as they wanted. Permanent markers were also supplied so that decorating could proceed straight-away.

I must say that today's decorated Poplocks explored territory I never considered - thank you so much to the creative campers for showing us what you can make! Some very young campers came up with a novel boomerang design that I will be sure to try out in future sessions!

See some of these images below:

So many different people!

Cute critters and cool flyers

The intermediate steps before color addition

Some campers made quite a collection!

Thanks to Christine and Brother Stafford for helping out!

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