Saturday, April 28, 2012

Noslon - Poplock Combiner

"Sniff, Sniff"
 It's another Toof Combiner toy - Noslon has a giant sensory apparatus not unlike a nose, used for detecting all sorts of things. As you can see though, no mouth! I just need to make a small extender piece that allows the mouth to sit comfortably between two cubes. Isn't it interesting how a foot can become a nose, just because of where it's placed? Surprised me too!

Next up, a multi-Toof build using three Toofs! Remember, this is a toy you can download and print out as many times as you like! Why stop at three?
"Ya smell sumtin dere, Nosey?"

Friday, April 27, 2012

Super Crate Box - Skull Heads

Large Skull Head monsters from the indie game, Super Crate Box by Vlambeer. Each one is just one sheet of paper (fits on US Letter or A4!), and they use elegantly simple rotational pivot tech designed by Alex Gwynne.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gallery 003

Green Pocobot built by Ken

Ken was awesome enough to post images and reviews of completed paper bots on his blog, There are two firsts here: the first image of a Chompy Bot to appear on the web and also, the first critiques of my models. Thank you for both, Ken!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Super Combiners

When Alexander Gwynne and I developed Poplocks, this is one of the concepts we started with - taking two individually designed models and being able to swap the parts with each other. Here, you can see 2-PH and R-MZ kludged together to create something more... well, "something" for sure.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Free Poplock Toy

And the first free Poplock toy is... 2-PH, the mouthy mini bot! Print it out on any thickness of cardstock, A4 or Letter sizes! 2-PH (or "Toof") is pretty easy to make, once you cut out all of the parts! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Long Arm

R-MZ (pronounced "Arms") is quite handy... all hands really. R-MZ features a revolving head, swiveling arms and adjustable antennae! Despite his legged shortcomings, R-MZ is quite tall and always steps over 2-PH like he wasn't even there!

All four of these Poplock One-Pagers share the code name - Super Combiners! What does that mean? Probably what it sounds like, but you'll have to wait till after I get back from PAX to found out.

Also next week, one of these bots will become a free download, so practice cutting out tiny round holes with your craft knives!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hover Fly

You've seen those quad-copter robots... flying through rings, playing James Bond music. They can do it all, and better in groups. They still aren't as cute as the spritely HV-R (pronounced "hover") drone!

This tiny, acrobatic botty has 4 articulated fan limbs and two tiny feet for steadying itself on a flat surface. All of the other Poplock Bots are jealous of HV-R's fans. SK-8 has been heard to say he wants the fans as a backpack so he can turbo-charge his rolling speed...

Tomorrow is the 4th and last reveal of this first set of Poplock One Pagers. But the surprises don't end there!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Wheely Bopper

Oh! This one has wheels on its feet! SK-8 (pronounced skate) is the name of this little guy, and believe me, he is even cuter when you stick the wheels directly on the body and make him into a stubby little car-bot!

Something different about this latest set of Poplock bots; each one comes from just one sheet of card stock! I call them One-Pagers.

They also have another nick name, and it's one that Alexander Gwynne and myself were using when we originally came up with the Poplock concept just over a year ago. Two more bots to show!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Phew! R&D done!

Look at that! A cute little toothy robot! I call him 2-PH (pronounced "Toof") and he's the next generation of Poplock toy!

2-PH has three other friends that I'll be showing off this week! They all share something new about Poplocks; each one is COMPLETELY GLUELESS! Took me a while, but I worked out a way to make a sturdy cube that can be held together with just a single Poplock.

2-PH's mouth can open and close, and there is full movement for his legs and feet!

More images to follow - there's more this little guy can do!