Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crocco in Love

This is Crocco! Find him in the latest issue of II Love, the paper model magazine! Marko Zubak (of Ye-Bot fame) does an excellent job in assembling this great mag all on his own. II Love has always been the premiere online magazine for paper model content and still is the ONLY modern paper toy magazine out there!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mouse and Games

Paper modelers are usually the type of people that just constantly make stuff. Once you make something, it's always a little easier and more fun to design the next thing.

You can see this rule play out with Tyler Tinsley's next Kickstarter campaign, right here: Melon the Mouse.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Tetrobot from Blocks that Matter
From the indie game, Blocks That Matter by Swing Swing Submarine, now you can build your own pop-N-pose Tetrobot. Print this cubic character on thick card stock, glue it up, then find the coolest stance for this little guy!

The arms and legs fit into slots on the sides and bottom. Small pieces of paper inside hold the limbs steady. Pop the parts in and out in different ways to make Tetrobot stand, recline, walk, celebrate or even freak out!

Read the full post to download the Tetrobot pattern and to see the instructional images

Indie Game Paper Toys

The Humble Indie Bundle has proven many times over that getting Indie games AND donating to useful groups like the EFF and Child's Play works!

Pay what you want and get three great games; Voxatron, Blocks that Matter, and The Binding of Isaac. Soundtracks are also downloadable for the latter two games!

To help celebrate the Humble Indie Bundle, go ahead and build some free paper toys of characters from these games.

Cubeecraft has already released two characters from The Binding of Isaac - Isaac himself (stricken with fear) and the disgusting Monstro, a mini boss that will crush you! Click on the images to download your own!

Now you can download and build the main Robot Hero from Voxatron in Cubee form! 

Also, have a go at making Tetrobot from Blocks That Matter -- pop the parts in and out to make him pose in several different ways!