Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gallery 007

Seth's Super Combiner - a mix of parts from 3 bots!
Jame's Chompy Crew (from "Build Your Own Paper Robots") are ready to be deployed!

James and his son figured out that Gupp-e 2.0 is capable of flight! I had no idea!
Thanks Seth and James for pics of these awesome builds!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Arms in the air, people! Ango just busted in, ready to transform the way you play with paper! James Fritzler has produced this incredible transforming paper toy, and has again made Poplocks do new and interesting things! Ango's head can be tucked down into his torso (like a turtle). Position the arms and legs just right to put him into flight mode.

Check out the Netroids Universe to download your PDF copy of Ango. Check out the Ango photo gallery to see what this bot can do!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Gupp-E 2.0

Gupp-E 2.0 is now available in my online store! Gupp-E 2.0 is a revision of my first released Poplock toy and is now easier to make and more fun to play with! For now, it is available as a PDF file for you to print and assemble.

Downloadable PDF emailed to you - great if you like to "DIY"

The PDF can be printed on US Letter or A4 paper sizes. Use of a 5/8" hole punch is highly recommended, otherwise use a craft knife to carefully cut out the holes on each piece.

Glue or double-sided tape is needed to complete Gupp-E's hands.

Instructions for making your own Gupp-E are right here:

Click to Download Instructions (2 MB)

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Netroids are evolving! One day, you're a simple bionic rabbit. The next day, you're flying between planetary orbits in a tricked out spaceship... that you transformed into!!! Lago is the exceptional, new Netroid Universe toy by James Fritzler with the ability to go from rabbit mode to sleek spaceship. Click on the pictures above to go and download the pattern to print out and make your own Lago!