Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cool Custom - Poco Bot Tall

This fine Poco Bot custom is by Herbert, who added even more pose-ability to thw little guy. Poco Bots of this size may need to be renamed "Alto Bots". Along with adding knees and elbows, Herbert also modified the face, the feet, and even included the Screw-in Axle Disk Joints from Sweet Robo and Facebot. Nice!

I've re-examined Poco Bots pattern and was shocked to see how much empty space there is on the page. In a new revision, I've gotten Poco Bot's parts to be enlarged to 110% scale and it all still fits on 8.5x11 and A4! I intend to make the new version of Poco Bot easier to modify for all of you enthusiastic builders! Stay tuned.

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