Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Puma King is combined and ready for you to make. Jame's Fritzler's exceptionally-detailed ultra combiner starts out as five ferocious Puma vehicles that join together to fight... well, we hope they work to fight evil!

Visit Netroid Universe to download and make yours!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Fantastic Facebot

Facebot, one of the larger robot templates on this site, is usually excited when he is built in new places. Yohan made this Facebot, and it was only the third paper toy he's ever built! Facebot was clearly excited, as you can see:

Thanks for sharing, Yohan!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Apex Band Carnival

Apex Band Carnival was a pretty cool day! Paper Poseables was invited to bring Poplocks toys and host an arts and crafts table for anybody to walk up and start building. This was our first outdoor event and was quite exciting.

Sharebot was there too, allowing builders to take photos so we could share on the net later. You can check out the flickr gallery of some of the photos right here.

Thanks again to Joe Diver for helping prepare and run the table. Also thanks to Pete Soper and Terri Pisasecki for inviting me to participate at the carnival. I'll see everybody there next year!

Friday, September 27, 2013


Skorpod has emerged from the most fearsome of robotic Netroid desert environments... to be downloaded and printed inside your home!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Phase Bots Wave 2

Phase Bots are James Fritzler's loving tribute to our favorite transforming robots. Now the population of these robots are doubled with Wave 2 of the Phasebots. The basic design of these bots is also pushed to the limit, with all new transformed vehicle shapes -- A-Train has 2 vehicle modes, train and starship!

Swave, A-Train, and S-Scream are here and ready to be built. You can download these remarkable paper toys from the Phasebot Google+ page!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Poplocks Snakebot

Snakebot is back and is now easier to make! Poplock Snakebot is a single template that you print over and over again to make longer and longer snakes!

Click "Read More" to see how to download, cut-out, and assemble Poplock Snakebot!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Poplocks Community on Google+


Visit the Poplocks Papercraft Community on Google Plus to see and share more about Poplocks toys, designs, how-tos, or just talk. It is a publicly view-able message space, but in order to post, you will need to to be a Google Plus user and to sign up for posting privileges.

I'll be sharing images of prototypes and other sneak peeks before they get released here on the blog. Posts like this:

If you have something fun to share, or just want to see more ideas, give the community a quick visit!

Poplocks Pre-Cuts

While showing off Poplocks at recent events I've had people ask me if they could purchase some pre-cut pieces to take home. I am now offering Poplocks Pre-Cuts to fulfill these requests!

Each pack contains 10 sheets:

5 sheets of Basic Shapes (13 pieces on each sheet)
3 sheets of Extra Shapes (20 parts on each sheet)
1 sheet of 128 Poplocks (good for 64 strong connections)

Right now, there are single-color packs and a random rainbow pack. Each pack contains enough parts to build many small toys or 2-3 larger toys. This pack saves you roughly 90 minutes of hand-cutting time for the same number of print-at-home Poplocks pieces.

Check out my shop at!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Sharebot is a photo-taking mini computer, powered by a Rasperberry Pi and a Raspberry Pi camera and assembled and programmed by my friend Joe Diver. We've taken Sharebot to Engineer's Day at the Durham Museum of Life and Science and the Burlington Mini Maker Faire. We let parents and children take pictures of themselves or their Poplock creations and the pictures are then shared on a flickr album for everybody to see!

One of the coolest user features is that the picture-taking is triggered with a Wii Remote. The Raspberry Pi receives Wii Remote input using a Bluetooth adapter and an open-source program call CWiid.

See the pictures Sharebot took at the Burlington Mini Maker Faire! Check out the album.

Some custom creations photographed by Sharebot!

We will be bringing the Sharebot to SPARKcon in Raleigh on Sunday Sept 15th. More info on which tent we will be in soon!

Phase Bots

My friend James Fritzler is the first to make custom art for my new un-released "blank" paper toy form. Phase Bots are some very clever usage of Poplocks to make paper toys that quickly change from robot to vehicle. These are, of course, tributes to the G1 Transformers we both grew up with, though they are emblazoned with a stylish "PH-B" sigil and bear non-trademarked names.

If you'd like to download and print and make your own Phase Bots, visit The Phase Bots Google+ page and get started!