Sunday, June 4, 2017

Q-BiT - Poplocks Paper Toy

A new Poplocks paper toy is available for download! Q-BiT, the cube-ly transport bot uses its long legs to step over traffic jams in cities.

This toy has an expressive face:
Eye - slide the eye left, right, up and down.
Eyelid - open, close and tilt the eyelid,
Antennae - Rotate the antennae like ears.

Initially designed to move all sorts of cargo, it gained fame and renown from the "Pizza-Bot" company, which re-fitted Q-BiT units for mobile pizza oven/delivery, disrupting the entrenched pizza franchises in the market.

This Poplocks Paper Toy template can be downloaded right here:

Click to Download PDF Template!

And illustrated instructions are available here:
Click to Download PDF instructions!
 I recommend printing this template using two colors of 65 lb cardstock and you will also save time and effort by using a 5/8" circle hole punch to cut out the holes (both available at most craft stores like Michaels). A craft knifed is recommended for removing the large eye socket circle for the Face Front.

Q-BiT has a rather expressive face and antennae. Pose it for some funny views!

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