Sunday, August 17, 2014

Engineer's Day at Life and Science

So many builders!

Yesterday was a great day at the Durham Museum of Life and Science. Robots, Snap Circuits, 3D printers, and all sorts of great technology for kids to try out for hours on end. Oh yeah, Poplocks too! I was able to run the biggest Poplocks Free Forms building table ever, over 14 feet of space for all sorts of building and creativity. Thanks to Joe Diver, Allison and the museum volunteers for making this a great event!

Along with the standard paper Poplocks, I was able to have a stack of plastic-laminated Poplocks to build the "Dodeca Ball", made from a new geometric-friendly piece design (which I also had the the Raleigh Maker Faire).

Dodeca Ball Instruction + a real-world build-progression.
So many young builders came by, so it's no surprise that there were a bunch of supremely creative builds. Just take a look:

A Helper Robot

A sweet bird!

A great remix of the standard airplane design - check out the
pilot, the wheels and the wing tips!

A curious praying Mantis!

A fantastical helicopter - lots of moving parts.

An impressive flower ornament.

A helicopter with a bubble-shaped pilots seat.

A giant Wright Brothers plane - wonder if it flies...

Look closely, it's a cute robot holding a flower!

This helmet might fit a cat, or a guinea pig!

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