Saturday, July 13, 2013

Frogtastic Time

Just this past week, I was fortunate enough to again present my paper toys to a number of young artists at the Durham Arts Council. This was during the DAC's daily summer afternoon artist camp. Thirty-five campers got pre-cut patterns for a Poplocks froggy toy, built them, and then went crazy with the decorations!

When I've run similar sessions, I was always surprised by the creativity that wells up in such a short time. This time around I saw frogs hopping, flying and being rebuilt into flashier creatures. One young lady wondered if I had brought a glue stick... for sticking some spots onto her frog's legs. Ten minutes later, there were so many other frogs that were totally transformed! So yeah, a crazy good time!

Another guest artist visit will be on August 6th with a new bat paper toy. All of the pieces are already cut out and ready to be assembled - I can't wait to see how these bats are built!

Check out some of these sweet poses! So many characters!


Another Netroid sidewinds onto the scene! Cobrok is a great, coiled snake toy by James Fritzler. With a massive hood, menacing rattle tail and even some mythically-inspired wings, this snake provides for a wide variety of play!

Visit Netroid Universe to download your own Cobrok PDF pattern for printing and making your own Cobrok paper toy.