Saturday, September 7, 2013

Poplocks Snakebot

Snakebot is back and is now easier to make! Poplock Snakebot is a single template that you print over and over again to make longer and longer snakes!

Click "Read More" to see how to download, cut-out, and assemble Poplock Snakebot!

This is the template for Poplock Snakebot. Click to download the PDF, which can be printed on A4 or US Letter sizes of paper.
  • It is recommended that you print on 65 lb. or thicker card stock!
  • The parts are lined up for easy cutting with scissors and/or knife. Thanks to Joe Diver for optimizing the template!
  • Score on dashed lines.
  • Cut out circles with a 5/8" hole punch or a craft knife.

And here is how you can assemble your own Poplocks Snakebot:

How will you pose your Snakebot?

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