Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Animation

Check this out!!!

James Fritzler and his children made this super-sweet animation using Pose Monsters, a Halloween paper doll-themed toy I've been slowly working on. This is a very small, retail-only experiment and has been local to Durham, NC, but I made sure that James got a special delivery. Seeing this video is amazing, and I hope you too are inspired to create easy stop-motion animation using any simple stop-motion animation-enabling program out there, like the one used for this video!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Poplocks Fun at Durham Arts and Student U

Halloween turns out to be a time for Poplocks fun, and thanks to the Durham Arts Council, I was able to host 4 creative art events using my new Pose Monsters paper dolls. Each monster is made from 2 sheets of laminated paper sourced from the Scrap Exchange here in Durham, NC.

Skeletons, Spiders and Pumpkin Scarecrows were assembled and decorated and here is the picture proof:

Popping perforated parts out of the page.

Monsters on TV!

Super cute monster transformations (made mostly from spiders!)

The horrifying Monster Tooth and the Pumpkin Thief

Thanks to Lauren at the DAC and Alex at Student U for allowing me to host such fun building events.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Godzilla Monsters

King Ghidorah

Splat Space is a great place for engineering builder types to meet up and show others what they have made. A good friend, William McIsaac, has been making a bunch of awesome Poplocks paper toys of his own design and with his own innovations.


Tonight, William brought by his latest Poplocks monstrosities, paper depictions of some of the giant beasts from the classic Godzilla movies. His designs use tons of cool, new custom shapes, depicting great details from each monster. King Ghidorah is made using modified parts from Snake-bot, using a bunch of body segments to make neck, arms and legs super poseable!

Clean-up crew, for after the big monster battles
Thanks for sharing, William! I can't wait to show off more of your work.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Scrap Exchange Grand Re-Opening

Scrap Exchange is one of Durham, NC's most interesting, long lasting institutions. When shopping at Scrap Exchange, you will find all sorts of fascinating odds and ends, donated by businesses and individuals in the area. Scrap recently moved to a new location, and on Sunday, October 5th, a grand re-opening event was held, with food trucks, art, make & take, raffles, music, and a marching band!

We set up a Poplocks Make & Take table - many children came by to learn how to create simple flying toys of all varieties - Vortex Flyers, boomerangs, whirligigs and flying disks. I challenged some young builders to a gliding wing papercraft - starting with a simple non-flying paper airplane. One young woman made the most stable glider to date - stay tuned for the design instructions (so you can try your own modifications for better flight).

I also had homemade kits for sale at the event. I plan on having these for sale through the website soon, so stay tuned!

Thanks to Allie for helping out at the table all day!

Pocobot's Bigger Brother

Herbert K has built a new version of his branch of the Pocobot tech tree - "Altobot Evolved". Each arm and leg now has three points of articulation, making this the most pose-able mini-bot I've seen in quite some time!

Just as Herbert has done, you too are free to modify and build your own versions of just about any toy pattern from Paper Poseables. I would love to see "your" design next!

All three of Herbert's modified Pocobots. A robo family!