Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Godzilla Monsters

King Ghidorah

Splat Space is a great place for engineering builder types to meet up and show others what they have made. A good friend, William McIsaac, has been making a bunch of awesome Poplocks paper toys of his own design and with his own innovations.


Tonight, William brought by his latest Poplocks monstrosities, paper depictions of some of the giant beasts from the classic Godzilla movies. His designs use tons of cool, new custom shapes, depicting great details from each monster. King Ghidorah is made using modified parts from Snake-bot, using a bunch of body segments to make neck, arms and legs super poseable!

Clean-up crew, for after the big monster battles
Thanks for sharing, William! I can't wait to show off more of your work.


JF said...

amazing! what great engineering!

Unknown said...

Hey Josh, this is William. I have a new Godzilla Monster I would like to show off. Let me know if you like to see it.

khang.com said...

I don't see the template link,dude