Saturday, June 23, 2012

ZP-R - Free Poplock Toy

It's been a while, but here's the first of four new Poplock Super Combiner Series 2 bots. ZP-R (zipper) has giant, compound eyes and is very swooshable when you fold back the wings.

In a week or two, I'll have a photo of the next one up, and each of the last two will show up shortly after. In the meantime, click on the link below to get ZP-R for free! Series 2 will have a couple of pages of bonuses as well, wait till you see!


Click (read more) to see the instructions:

Cut out all of the parts and the holes. Fold the Poplocks
 in half and in half again. Read more about how Poplocks work!

Fold the cube up! The last flap overlaps the other three.

Seal with a Poplock. Use your pinky to prevent crumpling! 

Attach the Mouth and Eye pieces with a Poplock.

Stick the Wing Bar to the top of the body.

The Wings are next. Attach them!

The last parts are the legs. Poplock them to the sides.

Pull back the wings and make this fly boy zip around!


Unknown said...

Thanks for your design!

I shared this paper toy at my collection blog: Poplock - ZP-R Paper Toy

Arthur Young said...

hi, i tried to download, but it just displayed the poplock freebies, not zpr, cjust thought you should know.

Josh Buczynski said...

Thanks youngone. It's fixed now!

julywaters said...

The download shows the previous download, not ZP-R.Could you fix it?

Gran Pa Orca said...

When I open the ZP-R-Free Poplock Toy in Adobe reader X, the color is a pale mauve, not the golden I see in you pictures. Is this as it should be? How do I get the color version?

Josh Buczynski said...

Hey Gran Pa Orcas,

The PDF template is just black and white art. I printed this toy on 65 lb. yellow card stock that I bought from my office supply store.I also like to color the toy with markers, typically with a color similar to the paper. For example, an orange marker with yellow paper. A lot of my early Gupp-E toys look like this.

Arthur Young said...

Thanks Josh.
I experimented with some 2-PHs and I came up with a really neat robot. I am yet to showcase it though. Thank you again for fixing ZP-R.

Josh Buczynski said...

Fantastic! I'm excited to see your 2-PH build!

Tito said...

this is freakin' AWESOME!!! another masterpiece, Josh! kudos to you! ^_^

Josh Buczynski said...

Hey Tito! I am really glad you like this little guy!

Wait till you see what I have in store for the second Super Combiner set! It's going to be a few weeks though.

I am moving on Thursday and I will need to set up the new place before I can get back to work at full speed.