Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Make a Monster at Science Unwrapped

Fellow Poplocker, James Fritzler was able to host a Poplocks table at the Utah State University's "Science Unwrapped" event this past Friday, Jan 27th. The theme was "The Art and Science of Monster Creation".

This maker-movement-fueled display had all sorts of hands-on tech, perfect for demonstrating all sorts of scientific principles to children and adults alike. I've been privileged to attend several of these types of shows over the years and I'm glad that James himself has had a turn to show off the fun of Poplocks!

Many young builders came by, learning how to assemble the pieces for the first time, then going on to quickly discover their own building techniques. Parents are always surprised by the creativity which springs forth!

Here are some pictures shared by the university. You may also spot a sneak peek of a big, box-like robot on the table... an upcoming Paper Poseable Poplocks toy.