Monday, September 22, 2014

CenterFest Kids Zone

Saturday and Sunday were the 40th year of CenterFest in Durham, NC. CenterFest is an arts festival where craft, music and performance come together for two full days of creative fun. I was fortunate to find a spot in the Creative Kids Zone, where families could drop by and start building with Poplocks right away. I was amazed by the ingenuity that bloomed, usually in the form of flowery bracelets and headbands, airplanes, or even larger projects of notable size.

Check out some of the awesome creations, from young and old first-time builders below, by clicking on "Read More."

CenterFest was a great time for playing with paper. I will definitely participate next year. Thanks to Lauren, Janet, Shana, Erin, and the volunteers who came by to help at the table.

Don't forget to see the rest, click "Read More" below: