Saturday, October 22, 2011


Are you ready for this one? Bachsy is my third take on an old design from a while back! I went a little bit crazy on the details. He's box-shaped but he still has a bit of class, even though he's just built to push crates..

- 11 points of Articulation using Screw-In Flat Axles
- Mouth opens and closes
- Eye Visor can be positioned to make "surprised" or "moody" expression

Only four pages of parts and full step-by-step photo instructions. This boxy bot is easy to build if you have a little bit of experience making paper toys.

Print on thick 110lb card stock for maximum durability and fun! The patterns fit in the margins for both Letter or A4 paper sizes.

DOWNLOAD - Bachsy Paper Toy - (2.12 MB)

DOWNLOAD - Bachsy Instructions - (869 KB)


Unknown said...

what a great design! thanks for sharing.

OkikteluK said...

This one is awesome too !
Thanks for sharing !

puQuak said...

Love this guy, built him last week.

Josh Buczynski said...

Thanks puQuak! That's a really good build!

Thomas said...
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Thomas said...

This is one classy robot. He was the first ever robot I built.He looks cool on my table. Thanks for creating this!

Unknown said...

Hey I'm currently working on this project and I'm at the part where it says to glue the lower arms to the flat axles on the upper arms with the one picture in the instructions for reference it only shows what it looks like once it's attached not where exactly to attach the pieces like does each flap of the lower arm go on each side of the flat axles I'm not to sure and don't want to mess up especially now that I'm out of printer ink ��

Daniel Braga said...

Awesome!!! I'll build it as soon as my Ink comes! You're very very talented!