Monday, March 13, 2023

Javelin - Netroid has been the place to go for original and fan art paper toys. James has transforming animalian robots, gigantic poseable action figures, and even a magical Netroids Miner model, which you can easily decorate with a classic Minecraft skin.


One of the latest toys is Javelin - two sheets of cardstock build into a menacing and quite large beast-o-bot!

You can grab the free-to-print black and white version or get the full-color version at the Netroids Paper Toys shop. You'll find many other papercraft models and even original origami designs.

Take a look!

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

 Poplocks Sweet Robo


It's been a while, but here is a brand-new version of an older papertoy from this site.

Download the Poplocks version of Sweet Robo and you can print out a template on one page of card-stock, cut it out, fold and assemble your very own version of this re-imagined paper bot!

A lot of parts are jammed into one sheet of paper, so full-color instructions are included to help you cut out and assemble.

You can print the pattern on US Letter or A4 card stock paper. Make sure your program for printing PDF files is set to print at 100% scale with no set margins (such as with the Chrome Browser). Printing works fine in Adobe Acrobat as well, naturally.

A 5/8" circle punch will help out as always, allowing you to cut out clean circles for smooth rotation of all of the Poplocks joints; for the head, arms, and legs.

Click to download PDF instructions and template!