Sunday, May 27, 2012

Poplock Freebies - 01

More free Poplocks toys for you to download, print and build! This is the Face Blocks 01 set, and it's pretty simple - you get parts for building two blocky faces. The construction is different from the body block on 2-PH as these blocks are made with two pieces. 

Why two pieces per body block?  
  • It may be easier to cut out and make (comments are welcome!)
  • More parts can more easily fit on a single page!
  • Build body blocks made with two colors!

Click (read more) to see the instructions:

VK-TR and G-Bee Instructions

Cut out all parts. Fold along dashed lines.
Read more about Poplocks and how they work!
Make a block - join pieces together with a Poplock.
Fold it up like this...
Seal with a Poplock. Use your pinky to prevent crumpling! 
Attach the legs!
Having trouble popping this in?
Condition the Poplock by joining two feet pieces first.
Now the Poplock will pop into the cube easier!
Swap heads with RM-Z and other Poplock bots!

Combine these heads with parts from the Poplocks Super Combiners Series 1 collection. You can purchase and download these templates by clicking the button below. You get four robot templates plus a page of bonus parts - print it over and over for building bigger bots!


Unknown said...

Thanks for your design!
I shared this paper toy from here:

Anonymous said...

good job on the new designs, however, i think you should change it so that the bodies are just one big plus shape again. the two strips is easier to cut out, but harder to put together.

Josh Buczynski said...

Hey Sam, is the "harder to put together" part due to some parts fitting a little too snug against each other? Or is it simply because another poplock is needed?

Anonymous said...

maybe i didn't use the right kind of paper, but it was hard to get the outside parts together. i could easily get the middle together, so it was a plus shape, but due to that only being held together by the poplock, the strips i had to join in order to make it a cube kept moving out of place, and once i finally got it, the model was kind of strange looking. maybe i just put it together wrong. thanks for the new designs, you did a really good job with them, which is what i have come to expect.

Unknown said...

A great initiative, congratulations for these works!