Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Free Poplock Toy

And the first free Poplock toy is... 2-PH, the mouthy mini bot! Print it out on any thickness of cardstock, A4 or Letter sizes! 2-PH (or "Toof") is pretty easy to make, once you cut out all of the parts! 


Follow these visual instructions to put together your own 2-PH toy. 
  • Score and fold any dotted lines. 
  • Use a craft knife to cut out all of the holes (there's only 27...) 
  • or use a 5/8" hole punch if you have one.
All of the types of pieces cut out and with holes removed.

Fold each Poplock in half and fold it in half again.

Optional: "condition" each Poplock by connecting two thin
parts together...

... then Pop to lock! Now it's easier to pop into place the next
time you  use it.

Assemble the Cube Body - the square-edged panel is on the
bottom of the overlapping stack.

Insert a Poplock to keep the Cube Body together! Use a
"Conditioned" Poplock to make it easier to pop into place.

Fold the Feet into shape

Use Poplocks to attach the Feet to the Legs.

Fold the Jaws into shape. 

Attach the Jaws and a Leg to the Body. One Jaw is a little
bigger than the other. Put it over the other Jaw piece.  

Attach the other side of the Jaws and another Leg to the
other side of the body.

Fold the Eye into shape.

Attach the Eye to the top of the Cube Body
with a Poplock.

Hey! It's all done! What will you feed your 2-PH?


Smelter said...

Nice model, thanks for sharing.
It took me a minute to work out that this is a monochrome download that is printed onto coloured card, which is a cool way to make a few different coloured versions without using expensive colour inks.

Unknown said...

are you going to sell HV-R,R-MZ,SK-8 or are going to make them free to?