What Are Poplocks?

Poplocks are an easy way to connect paper to paper. It's glue-less, fast, and makes a high-friction fit! Make pose-able paper toys, or sturdy structures.

Poplocks connect two or more paper parts together -- just line up the holes, insert one or more Poplocks and *POP* them into place!

Who Made These?

This exciting paper technology was co-developed by myself, Josh Buczynski and Alexander Gwynne (www.agpapertoys.com). We combined our brains and aimed for something new -- a system for making pose-able, connectable paper toys with parts that easily swap. After months of development Poplocks became ready for people to play with through www.paperposeables.com!

How Do They Work?

Take two pieces of paper, each with an equal-size hole. Line up these holes. Fold a Poplock (of matching size to the holes) in half and insert the two large tips (the feet) into the hole. Allow it to expand and then press down on the middle. You'll feel a "pop" as it deforms into a new shape.

The Poplock pushes the two pieces of paper tightly together, creating lots of friction! It can also stay put, and won't pop out on it's own, unless a good amount of force is used to bend it out of place, or when it's pressed lightly from the back.

Poplocks can even work with matching rectangular holes or with special pieces called "Locking Flaps" - another kind of easy-to-make paper rotational joint. This kind of connection is nigh-invincible! Extreme torsion or pulling force will rip or crumple the parts before the connection between these parts breaks.

How Do I Try These Out?

Download the free Poplocks Sampler and print some out on card stock! This PDF lets you try out the different ways Poplocks and Locking Flaps interact with each other. You'll learn about Hole Thickness and Interference Fit and the limits that Poplock performance can reach. Educational AND fun!

You can also print out different pages of Poplocks and cut them out when you need more.

Poplocks Freeforms are a free-to-print set of patterns that give you shapes to make all sorts of amazing constructions!

How Can I Buy Some Poplock Toys?

Go to paperposeables.bigcartel.com -- it's one place that currently has Poplocks Kits for sale. The Gupp-E 2.0 robot toy is one of the templates that is available for purchase.

Can I Use Poplocks or Locking Flaps in My Paper Designs?

We believe that paper engineering technology is a social art. It grows and benefits everybody MORE when others participate in the usage of that art. Therefore, we do not jealously guard the design of Poplocks or Locking Flaps.

Poplocks are available to you under a

Creative Commons is a form of permissions-based copyright which grants you, the utilizer of Poplocks designs, certain usage rights.

You CAN create your own designs that incorporate Poplocks and make them available for free! At the very least, put our names on your pattern. To fully satisfy our Creative Commons license, recreate the CC tag and the names of either Josh Buczynski and/or Alexander Gwynne prominently on any pattern that contains our Poplocks shapes.

We limit the commercial use of your designs which incorporate Poplocks and we do not automatically extend permission to use Poplocks in a commercial capacity. Do contact us regarding additional commercial use of Poplocks technology or branding.

Please don't share commercially available template files, but do feel free to use these templates to print out as many pages as you want for friends, classrooms, activities, or events where you freely share them.


Akmal Irfan said...

Is flat axle belongs to you too?

Josh Buczynski said...

I do not claim as much ownership rights over flat axles as I do for poplocks.

Please, feel free to design toys using flat axles. I would appreciate a little "with designs by Josh Buczynski" or "pose-tech by Josh Buczynski" or "with paperposeables.com" after your name.

Keith Carscadden said...

Strangely, http://paperposeables.bigcartel.com will not "ship" the digital files, Super Combiners Series 1 - Digital File and Super Combiners Series 2 - Digital File to Canada. We do have email, you know. Could you see if you can change their mind?