Saturday, May 19, 2012

Poplocks Video Review

Adam was nice enough to post a review of my Poplocks paper toys. You can download and print out the same toy templates Adam has made from this post - First Free Poplock Toy!

This is the first video product review of a toy I've made and it's a great thrill to see the Poplocks demonstrated and explained! Great job, Adam - I think you covered everything!

One fair criticism that is brought up - cutting out all of the holes can be really annoying. I make it way less annoying by using a MARVY Uchida 5/8 inch craft punch, but it's getting very hard to find this particular size in stores. For $6 (+ shipping) direct from the manufacturer I highly recommend getting one - it's a great time-saver! It has a cutting edge depth of ~3/8" so it can reach all of the holes for the Super Combiners poplock toys. Cro-Bolt and Gupp-E have larger body boxes, and those holes are too far inward for this hole puncher.

Another crit, yes... shipping pre-printed/pre-cut Poplock toys internationally is way expensive. I will be setting up a digital download store for Poplock patterns next week - Poplocks Super Combiners Series 1 will be $2.00 for 4 toy templates. Series 2 will follow as I get more free time (the bodies are done and just need some new decoration)

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