Thursday, November 3, 2011


Tetrobot from Blocks that Matter
From the indie game, Blocks That Matter by Swing Swing Submarine, now you can build your own pop-N-pose Tetrobot. Print this cubic character on thick card stock, glue it up, then find the coolest stance for this little guy!

The arms and legs fit into slots on the sides and bottom. Small pieces of paper inside hold the limbs steady. Pop the parts in and out in different ways to make Tetrobot stand, recline, walk, celebrate or even freak out!

Read the full post to download the Tetrobot pattern and to see the instructional images

Download the Tetrobot PDF (186 KB)

Fold over and glue the Arms and Legs and the Antennae.
Don't glue the tabs on the antennae together!

Glue the Arm and Leg Stops to the inside, over each arm and
leg slot.

Glue the Antenna tans inside the body to hold it in place.
Glue the body together.

Pop the Arms and Legs into the slots!
Tetrobot will hold his pose!


mgc said...

Great job!

The result is awesome! We are going to build some papercraft Tetrobots here at Swing Swing Submarine!

Thank you so much :]


mgc said...
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Josh Buczynski said...


Glad you and William like this paper toy! Blocks That Matter is an awesome game for the brain!

Moxie said...

Wow Josh, this is GREAT!!! The games are wonderful!! Super toys, fun and educational to boot!!! They will sell fast :)