Monday, November 14, 2011

Mouse and Games

Paper modelers are usually the type of people that just constantly make stuff. Once you make something, it's always a little easier and more fun to design the next thing.

You can see this rule play out with Tyler Tinsley's next Kickstarter campaign, right here: Melon the Mouse.

Tyler was one of the first paper designers to offer a printed, fully cut-out paper model toy via Kickstarter - Merrick the Mouse. The effort was a success, reaching 343% funding with just 99 backers!

Melon the Mouse is ready to be funded now and she has some of the same features as the first mouse warrior. All parts pop right out of the page - no cutting necessary! Assembly is with glue-less tab construction and there's a clever clip-in rotational connection, so the head can spin. The hand tools are fun toys by themselves; a rotating geared wrench and a draw-back spring action bow that shoots little lightning bolts!

You can get your own mouse inventor by going to her Kickstarter page and becoming a $6 backer. Go a little higher, and you can get a set of pre-cut sci-fi dice or your own copy of Bluffing-Style Chess. There's a lot of neat stuff there so take your pick!

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