Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crocco in Love

This is Crocco! Find him in the latest issue of II Love, the paper model magazine! Marko Zubak (of Ye-Bot fame) does an excellent job in assembling this great mag all on his own. II Love has always been the premiere online magazine for paper model content and still is the ONLY modern paper toy magazine out there!

I feel very lucky to be featured in the magazine!!! Up front, you will find a meaty feature interview with Matt Hawkins, one of my paper toy heroes! He has some very exciting projects in the works. Adam Lawrence's creepy/cute toys are also featured - I love the elegance of a one-page paper toy and Adam is a master in this realm. Don't skip over Marko's coverage of his paper toy exhibit at the OK Offenes Kulturhaus in Linz, Austria -- there is some unbelievable stuff adhered to those walls and you need to see it!

My new Crocco model is included in II Love as a two-page print-out, but you might want to read the instructions to help you assemble this one... click below for a giant PDF full of pictures!












robives said...

So cute!
I love the way the eyes move, a really simple idea that provides loads of expression!

OkikteluK said...

Once again, a real great toy ! =)

Anonymous said...

so good