Saturday, August 25, 2012

Free Forms - Poplocks Toy Kit

Poplocks Free Forms are a very simple set of shapes that can turn paper into all types of fun toys! Download the PDF - print out the sheets you want on thick card stock - cut out the parts and connect them with Poplocks to create toys that are easy to assemble and customize! Keep checking this blog for new toy ideas made with Free-Forms!

An easy helicopter 

Click here or "Read More" to download the Free Forms PDF and for detailed instructions!

 DOWNLOAD Poplocks Free Forms PDF - Letter/A4 - (189 KB)


Print the first page from the Free Forms PDF on thick card stock
 - cut out these shapes and the holes using a craft knife. Make 4
Double Poplocks from the Page of Poplocks.

  Read more about how Poplocks work HERE!

Cut out the holes using a craft knife or a 5/8" hole punch from Uchida

Attach the long strips to the square piece.

Fold the long strips over the edge of the square piece.

Detach and re-attach the Long strips to the Square piece on opposite sides.

Attach two medium strips to the bottom of the square.

Fold the small strip in half and attach it to the bottom of the tail.

  • Indoors - drop the helicopter from a high spot while giving it a spin.
  • Outdoor - tape a coin inside the tail. Throw the helicopter high up and it will spin down to the ground!
  • Add or move parts to change the way the helicopter flys. Experiment!

I was fortunate enough to host a workshop with these Poplocks designs. Using my Silhouette SD cutting machine, I produced 200 pages of "pop-out" parts so that the "campers" at the Durham Arts Council Summer Afternoon Adventures could build many toys out of a few pieces of paper. My thanks to the talented Willa Brigham for quickly figuring out the helicopter design flew better with more weight on the tail!


cabo said...

These are great ..... just the thing to inspire creativity and right in time for my weekly mail to my gradson.... Thanks so much

Josh Buczynski said...

I'm sure your grandson will enjoy these. I just made a headband and attached antennae to it - they are very springy and it's really fun to wear!

I'll be posting a bunch of Free Forms ideas and instructions! Keep an eye out!