Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Page of Poplocks - Free

A slimmer Poplock

Do you need a bunch of Poplocks, now? Print out these pages of Poplocks Slims and get your scissors cutting! You can choose the basic circle-pattern or use the blank design, all in the same PDF.

Print these on US Letter or A4 paper sizes -- no re-sizing necessary! The pages are black and white line art only, so print these out on color card stock, or open the PDFs in your favorite, compatible vector art program to make your own Poplock patterns.

Poplocks can actually have different shapes. These slimmer Poplocks work just as well as the previous design. More can fit on a page now! These sheets of Poplocks are designed to be easier to cut out too!

► DOWNLOAD - Poplocks Sheet - Letter/A4 PDF (159 KB)

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