Saturday, June 2, 2012

Poplock Freebies - 02

Here comes the second set of freebie Face Blocks! More parts are packed on this sheet, giving each Face Block four poseable feet! These blocks are, again, based on the RM-Z template from Super Combiners Series 1

This PDF is seriously PACKED with parts, but don't worry, all of the parts are margined to print out on US Letter or A4 sizes of paper.

Use two feet together to make a gripping claw for larger bots!


Click (read more) to see the instructions:

GO-BO and A-RAC Instructions

Cut out all of the parts and the holes. Fold the Poplocks
 in half and in half again. Read more about how Poplocks work!
Here's something new... you can assemble the cube without
using a Poplock - the flaps hold the two parts together.
Just line up the holes and start folding together.
Seal up the cube with a Poplock
Seal with a Poplock. Use your pinky to prevent crumpling! 
Attach the other legs. Say hi to your new mini bots!
Assign a guard to watch your Face Blocks!

Combine these heads with parts from the Poplocks Super Combiners Series 1 collection. You can purchase and download these templates by clicking the button below. You get four robot templates plus a page of bonus parts - print it over and over for building bigger bots!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for your design!

I shared these two paper toys on my collection blog: Poplock Freebies – GoBo and A-RAC