Sunday, June 10, 2012

Poplock Freebies - 03

Fresh off the assembly line, it's the Poplock Freebie pack, number 3! This one-page set features two new Face Blocks with two new sets of legs and both leg sets are easily used to augment the details of larger robots from the Super Combiners Series 1 set.

Print out these characters on thick card stock. I used 65 lb. color card stock for these bots, but you can use plain, white card stock too. Easier to use markers or pencils to color those bots!


Click (read more) to see the instructions:

Cut out all of the parts and the holes. Fold the Poplocks
 in half and in half again. Read more about how Poplocks work!

Line up the two cube body pieces. You don't even need to
use a Poplock to get it started; the flaps will hold it together
while you overlap the bottom panels.
Use a Poplock to seal the bottom panels of the cube.
Attach two legs to each side of the body.
Stick a Poplock in the top. This bot is done!

HRD-R finally collects all of the errant face blocks. Now how to
get them all to the Assembly Plant to get new bodies?

Combine these heads and bits with parts from the Poplocks Super Combiners Series 1 collection. You can purchase and download these templates by clicking the button below. You get four robot templates plus a page of bonus parts - print it over and over for building bigger bots!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for your design!
I shared these two paper toys on my collection blog: Poplock Freebies - MS-K and OC-LO Free Paper Toys