Poplock License

The Poplock and Locking Flap designs are created by Josh Buczynski. We offer these designs to you under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

You are free to create your own Poplock toys, but there are some restrictions to how you send them out into the world:
  • Everything you create that includes the Poplocks Design (includes original Poplocks connectors Designs and any published Poplocks shape such as Poplocks Free Forms, Poplocks Super Combiners, Poplocks Gupp-E 2.0 and so on) must attribute authorship of these specific designs to Josh Buczynski. This attribution must appear on every page or separate piece of a digital template file or printed template that includes Poplocks Designs by or derived from designs by Josh Buczynski.
  • You may not sell or commercially offer your own products or intellectual properties that utilize or integrate the Poplocks designs as made available from this website, without contacting Josh Buczysnki and licensing the use of the Poplocks Design. We offer a reasonable licensing terms. 
  • Any non-commercial products or intellectual properties that you create that include the Poplocks Design which you intend to distribute must preserve the terms of this Creative Commons license. You are free to non-commercially share or remix products or intellectual properties containing original or derivative Poplocks Design by Paperposeables so long as you agree not to alter the terms of the Creative Commons License. 
Contact us if you have a need to alter or amend any of these elements of the Creative Commons License, or if you are interested in a commercial license to sell or distribute original or derivative Poplocks products. We want to work with you and we will negotiate to reach many types of commercial and non-commercial solutions.

Ownership of Alterations

If you make an improvement to the fundamental Poplocks Design or utilization of Poplocks, you OWN that specific alteration, but you cannot claim authorship over the entire Poplocks Design or claim ownership of other existing alterations owned by other people. You may express this ownership of your design however you choose; license it, limit it, keep it a secret, make it free; it is up to you.

However, while expressing this ownership over your alterations/improvements, you must also continue to attribute ownership of the base Poplocks Design to Josh Buczynski and you must continue to include the Creative Commons License terms that appear on patterns or pieces that exhibit the Poplocks Design.

No Design Patents for Alterations

You may not patent design alterations or improvements of the Poplocks Design if the basic aspects of the Poplock or Locking flap designs are integral to your modification. Patenting is considered to be a commercial use of the Poplocks Design.

Novel Designs

The exception to this is if you create a uniquely original design that interacts with Poplocks in a novel way, such as a separate piece or part that is not derived from the base Poplocks Design, as published on this website or as seen in other attributed material, but this new design is able to interact with the base Poplocks Design. Under this broad condition, your innovative design is not considered to be a derivative work and is not bound by any section of this Creative Commons License.

An example: You create a whole, unabridged paper toy pattern that does not contain Poplocks connector patterns. It does contain holes that are compatible with basic Poplocks connectors shapes. You decide to sell this work, as it is your own; you made it and also, nobody can patent or license a hole as a design! No infringement is happening!

Another example: You create a paper connector which can lock two pieces of paper together through the aligned paper holes, but the connector is fundamentally different from the way a Poplocks connector is shaped and how it is utilized.

In addition, you may choose to make separately and freely available, a non-commercial pattern that anybody can freely obtain and it is composed entirely of Poplocks connector pieces. This pattern must contain Attribution and Propagation of the Poplocks Creative Commons License since it uses or derives from original designs offered by Paperposeables. You also know you cannot sell this pattern or include it with the sale of another pattern, until you make a commercial licensing deal with the Poplocks Creative Commons owner.


Get in touch with me via EMAIL if you have any questions about licensing.

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