Sunday, June 8, 2014

Maker Faire 2014 - 01

Setting up at Maker Faire NC 2014

Maker Faire happened again at the Raleigh Fairegrounds, this time in the much larger exposition center - just big enough to contain the crowd that came through to see all of the great inventions, crafts, gadgets, DIY-projects being shown and shared for many to see and play with.

Poplocks were there as well, along with my friends from Splat Space, Durham's hacker and maker space.

So many parts and colors
A large group of children and adults came by to make some really impressive original designs. It was "make and take" so everybody who built could bring their creation home with them, no charge! As you can see above, the chaos was controlled with some handy parts organizers, made from double-side laminate paper I was lucky enough to find at Scrap Exchange, Durham's giant warehouse of upcycle-able materials.

Thanks to Joe, Sarah, John, Cate, Geoffrey, Shaw, Jeff, and everybody at Splat Space for their help! In addition to Poplocks, we also had a ton of fun stuff to show off, including the Bullitron Indie-Game Arcade Cabinet, a glowing rainbow-lit cloud, Squishy Circuits, Moog music, a tech-junk Dissemble station, vinyl stickers, 3d printing and a giant silver Poplocks Flying Saucer. Check out @splatspace on Twitter to see more pics.

Below is a small sample of the creative builds that took shape (more to come in a second post):

Best Dino
A Delightful Dolphin

This figure came stomping through when done

A mechanism of supreme complexity

We ran out of Dodeca-spheres early!

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