Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Puma King is combined and ready for you to make. Jame's Fritzler's exceptionally-detailed ultra combiner starts out as five ferocious Puma vehicles that join together to fight... well, we hope they work to fight evil!

Visit Netroid Universe to download and make yours!


Dazz said...

I've tried to post a comment at his site, but I can't get through.

All I want to know is, are there assembly instruction or guide photos to help build the individual units, them how to combine them?

JF said...

Hi Dazz!
Sorry to hear you couldn't get through. I'll check in on that.

To answer your question, Yes, there will be instructions posted within the next few weeks.

JF said...

@Dazz Here are the instructions for the limbs!

Instructions for Puma Core and combining instructions coming in the near future.