Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Poplocks CMP-S

This is the biggest Poplocks toy yet released, CMP-S (Compass), the adventurer robot! A little over 8.5 inches tall! Made with parts from 4 pages of card stock. Extra poseable and full of emotive quality. Click "Read More" below to download and learn how to build your own E-MOS CMP-S!

Emotive-Mechanical Operating System  · · ·  Cardinal Mapping Protocol - Surveyor

CMP-S is made with just 4 pages of printed card stock and... well, a bunch of your sweat. Originally, I was going to reserve the Robo Trio and other large Poplocks toys as Pre-cut premium products that you can order and receive in the mail, mostly because there is so much cutting-out of parts:

- 28 pieces
- 37 Poplocks 
- 71 holes to cut out (get yourself a 5/8" hole punch! Save time!)
- Extras, optional parts 

I figure anybody who can't wait to build one now should be able to. I still have plans to release these as a Pre-Cut kit - the laser-cutting test begins later this week!


SusanBluerobot said...

I AM HAPPY i cant wait to make this little guy thank you thank you HAPPY DANCE thanks

Josh Buczynski said...

I'm all set to make a gallery post with pics of your new custom builds! Thanks for sharing your excitement for these new bots!

cabo said...

This guy is great....will be printing and cutting starting today so I can sent it off to my grandson on Monday....he is going to love this one

JF said...

Your instructions are so exquisite. Fun and very helpful for new folks.

Thanks for posting this!

Josh Buczynski said...


I would love to hear how he plays with it!


I'm very glad you like it! I went with the "wordless" LEGO style of instruction this time :)