Friday, April 27, 2012

Super Crate Box - Skull Heads

Large Skull Head monsters from the indie game, Super Crate Box by Vlambeer. Each one is just one sheet of paper (fits on US Letter or A4!), and they use elegantly simple rotational pivot tech designed by Alex Gwynne.
The same pivot concept can also be seen in Rob Ive's Stickman and other projects on his site. 

There are two ways you can build these Skull Head toys:
  • Print out in full color
  • Print with just black ink/toner on colored cardstock - then color in teeth, eyes and highlights with white paint or colored pencil.

Click on an image to download the PDF

PAX East was awesome... really awesome! Sure, there were big publishers with their big games and it's nice to see those early and they are worth waiting to play... if the line is below 10 minutes. My excitement mainly came from meeting so many indie game designers, thanks to the PAX Indie Game Showcase.

So many truly impressive games that I really need to play! To me, it feels like a re-Super-Nintendo-ification of games, and what I mean by that is that good game ideas are getting a fresh coat of paint and an upgrade in the fun department. So long, banal, casual game dalliance!

Expect more paper toys in celebration of my favorite games from the PAX bunch!

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