Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CRO-Bolt Poplock Paper Toy

CRO-Bolt, the cro-magnon Poplock robot furrows his brow in confusion and makes a growl of screeching steel.

A happier CHUM-Bolt takes time out to awkwardly dance to his favorite sound... screeching steel.

CRO-Bolt contemplates the joy he has inadvertently brought to others.

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CRO-Bolt, the cro-magnon robot is now for sale at my Poplocks Web Shop. Buy a CRO-Bolt kit and you will receive 3 full-size pre-cut sheets of parts, and two strips of Poplocks, all printed on colorful 65 lb. card stock! CRO-Bolt features some Poplock novelties:

  • Movable Jaw - fully open or close it or tilt it for a snarl.
  • Eye Plug - rotate it for upset or amused expressions.
  • Claw Hands - for getting a grip.
  • Extra Parts - build more crazy bots!
  • Glue-on Details - perforated eyes and teeth for brighter smiles!

When you buy a single CRO-Bolt pre-cut paper toy, it comes shipped to you in a regular envelope - the tri-fold creases overlap with the folding lines on the larger parts, so don't worry -- everything will look great! Ordering two or more OR ordering internationally will require a large 9"x12" envelope for shipping.

SHARE your CRO-Bolt pictures with links in the comment section below. I'll help you show off your CRO-Bolt, CHUM-Bolt or anything else you can build with this kit!

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