Thursday, December 8, 2011


It's Snakebot!

Very poseable and very bitey! I'm offering this version of Snakebot as a DIY color-it-yourself blank-type of PDF. I just can't figure out how to decorate it! Maybe you can help... if you can find a way to make Snakebot look awesome, I'll display or host pictures and/or templates for you and you'll get all sorts of crazy credit. Most importantly, building more Snakebots will make the Snakebot hive mind more powerful, so help out any way you can!

You can make your own Snakebot in many different ways:

  • Use different colored card stock (like the orange 67lb pictured above) 
  • Make Snakebot as long as you want by printing page two of the PDF several times. 
  • Use Markers -- save money on printer ink!
  • Wrap Snakebot around your furniture, put a flashlight in it's mouth; you just made your own Snake Light!
  • Make Snakebot longer and wear it like a scarf!
  • Add motors and computer chips to make it a real robot!
  • Snakebot will hold pens, business cards or three large paperclips (ONLY THREE - very important!)
Snakebot is pretty easy to make though if you need to know how to assemble the Flat Axles, check out the instructions for Facebot, Crocco or Bachsy.



robives said...

THat's really nice!

Shakybird said...

This is... Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh Buczynski said...

Thanks Rob!

Glad you like it, Shaky!

Unknown said...

please get a link to download on svg format your work its awesome

Josh Buczynski said...

Hey Freddy, I made a giant SVG file with all of the parts, so you can make your own in your choice of vector editor. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Snakebot SVG

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Can you use regular poplocks with this?

Josh Buczynski said...

Hey Jake,

This particular model is designed for the flat axle. If you punched holes in other spots, you'd still need to glue each segment of the snake together. That might work.

It's possible that you could use Poplocks Freeforms pieces to make a Poplock version of Snakebot. Give 'em a try!

Kobra Stein said...

sadly model pdf not downloadible any more