Thursday, October 27, 2011

Robo Discotronic

I've received a wonderful surprise gift! Okikteluk - - just built some poseable bots, but he did a terrible job in keeping them locked up in their designated work zones! They escaped and immediately went rogue! Basic loyalty and productivity algorithms were quickly overwritten by outrageous dance routines and sensory addiction to random colored lights.

"Bachsy the Great" by Okikteluk - click to see the entire flickr album!

The partying seems to have gotten more serious and all of sudden the little bots blew through thousands of dollars in batteries! They made new friends in the wee hours, and threw birds around in the end when things got rowdy.

Thanks Okikteluk! Stop-motion animation and robotography were exactly what I hoped to see after posting these paper toys!

1 comment:

OkikteluK said...

I wish they won't find my private alcoh-oil stock ! ;-)
Thanks for these toys, they're so paper-move-and-fun-ables !

A new pic : Josh posted about Us !