Friday, September 27, 2013


Skorpod has emerged from the most fearsome of robotic Netroid desert environments... to be downloaded and printed inside your home!

This scorpion paper toy, designed by James Fritzler, is built using Poplocks and features many design touches, such as gripping/pinching claws, a stinging whip-tail, a menacing robo-head that slides left and right, and an incredible form overall - Skorpod is fun to look at from all angles!

Want to make your own Skorpod? You'll need to go to Netroid Universe to grab the PDF and print out your own 2-page pattern. A 5/8-inch hole punch will help you easily cut out circles, though you can use a craft knife to carefully remove all of the circles too.

Download Skorpod from Netroid Universe

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