Monday, April 8, 2013

Gupp-E 2.0

Gupp-E 2.0 is now available in my online store! Gupp-E 2.0 is a revision of my first released Poplock toy and is now easier to make and more fun to play with! For now, it is available as a PDF file for you to print and assemble.

Downloadable PDF emailed to you - great if you like to "DIY"

The PDF can be printed on US Letter or A4 paper sizes. Use of a 5/8" hole punch is highly recommended, otherwise use a craft knife to carefully cut out the holes on each piece.

Glue or double-sided tape is needed to complete Gupp-E's hands.

Instructions for making your own Gupp-E are right here:

Click to Download Instructions (2 MB)

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