Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Robo Trio

"You were right... it's another bot... a Builder?"
"Shh! We're going to sneak up!"
"Hi there!"
"WOAH! You knew I was there!"

"Of course. My name is HAM-R and I know this place well. I have
spent a thousand hours out here, planning and searching..."
"Wow, you've been a lost robot for a while..."
"I'm COMP-S. I'm an Adventurer too."

"I'm no mere Adventurer. I'm an Engineer and my goal is
to find the perfect spot and raise fantastic structures!"

"Well, you are in luck..."

"There are several bots nearby; I think they are busy making something!"
"We should go see! I may enlist them for a great project!"
"You know I'll come along!"

to be continued...


SusanBluerobot said...

I want i want LOL these are great

Josh Buczynski said...

Thanks! These basic bot designs will be free to download sometime in February. You'll be able to Zing them no problem!

Incidentally, what width of paper do you run through the Zing? A4 or Letter or a custom width?

Christian said...

Excellent, these are so emotive man! Awesome work, truly :)

laga1254 said...

I want make one !! but not find the download