Saturday, September 8, 2012

Super Combiners - SERIES 2!

IT IS HERE! All four of the Series 2 Super Combiners are ready for their PDF debut! Pictured below is the fourth member of the combiner crew, GRP-S (Grips). Click Read More to see more details and to see how to acquire these bot patterns!

The Super Combiners Series 2 set features print-out patterns for 4 paper toy robots plus extras. "PS-TR" is a re-textured version of the free Poplock toy, "ZP-R". A sheet of extra parts to help you make larger, combined toys is also included. Print these toys out on Letter or A4 paper - no scaling needed!

Visit my Big Cartel store to order your own copy. The PDF will be emailed to you shortly after your purchase!

Stay tuned to this blog for crazy building ideas for you Poplocks Super Combiners!

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