Monday, July 30, 2012

Poplock Freebie - X-PLR and BLOCK RACER!

I am very excited about this latest "Freebie" release! The Block Racer is my first PopLocks vehicle and I managed to fit all of it and a Face Block driver (X-PLR or "Explore") onto one sheet of card stock! As you can see above, the racer vehicle looks very nice when two or more colors are used. Print on colored card stock, 65lb. or heavier for the best results!

One other thing to note - the Poplocks on this sheet are slimmer, but they still work just as great as the wider-flapped version. Slim Poplocks allow more, larger parts to fit on the page!

Click "Read More" to grab this PDF from the Download Link and also see what's up when Face Blocks get their race on!


Cut out all of the parts and the holes. Fold the Poplocks
 in half and in half again. Read more about how Poplocks work!

Line up the two cube body pieces. You don't even need to
use a Poplock to get it started; the flaps will hold it together
while you overlap the bottom panels.

Use a Poplock to seal the bottom panels of the cube.
Leave the side holes empty.

Cut out all of the holes for the Block Racer. Fold the Poplocks
in half and in half again.

Fold the Racer Bottom to look like this.

Fold the sides of the Racer Top and the piloting
console downward.

Attach the Racer Bottom to the front of the Racer Top
with a Poplock.

Connect the two side holes with the Racer Bottom. Overlap
the last two sets of holes for each side of the Racer Bottom
and attach them to the Racer Top with a Poplock in each hole.

Pop your driver in the cockpit! 

And start your SCRAM jets!

"I'm so far ahead, I'm the only one in this picture!"

"Oh man, that was a good race! The turbo is making a funny noise though"

"R-MZ will take a look at that turbo for you, no problem!"

"R-MZ! Those claws will create too much drag!
Ditch 'em and we can race!"


SusanBluerobot said...

that is soo cool cant wait to play with this file thanks heaps

Josh Buczynski said...

Waaah! I love the fun foam bot on your blog!

I made these whales 15 years ago, but I only had an xacto knife and I got fed up with how hard it is to make a clean and precise cut!

Any cutting secrets? If only the Zing or Silhouette could cut through it :P

cabo said...

These are freaking awesome... my grandson is going to love these

JF said...

amazing Josh! beautifully simple design, with a fabulous fun outcome !