Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebot VSN Dynactron MK IV

Okay, this is one big and awesome paper toy, and so it gets a matching awesome name. The Facebot VSN Dynactron MK IV is 5 pieces of paper PACKED with parts for you to score and cut out.

The finished toy is 10 inches tall and has 10 axes of rotation!

A slightly improved design for the flat axles is built in to each disk. You'll notice one large end of each disk has little "claws" sticking out. These enable you to more easily screw the disk into their holes. Be sure to use a little bit of tape to seal the back of each entry notch in the holes, after you've screwed in each disk.

I've worked very hard to make this toy as easy to put together as I could... YEARS... really! Wait till you see what's coming up in the near future!

► DOWNLOAD Facebot VSN Dynactron MK IV PDF ( Letter and A4 compatible ) - 292 Kb














Christian said...

This is really quite awesome, keep up the good work!

Sven said...

Cool Stuff!

Josh Buczynski said...

Doh! Someone only now just pointed out to me that both Facebot hand pieces are identical left hands - they should be mirror images of each other instead!

I'll release a patch PDF with just the right hand piece on it, so anybody who has built a Facebot can simply slice the right hand off and replace it with a REAL right hand :D

I'll have this done late Wednesday night. Hold tight just a little longer!

JonhMc said...

Hi, i already did one of these, but now trying to make my second (this time the black and white one) i could not find/understand the limbs part on this pdf, are they right? Thanks

Josh Buczynski said...

Hey JonhMC, I looked at the limbs section for Facebot. Maybe you are looking for the yellow images on page 4 -- those show you how to glue the limb shapes together.

The red images right above that show how to assemble the limb frames which are the specific pieces that hold the spinning disks; the "Flat Axles".

Starting on page 6, with the blue image, that shows how to glue the limb frames to the big shoulder flat axles. It then shows how to glue each disk of the limb frame to the limb shape.

I hope that is enough images to explain the process!

Let me know if you think more clarification is needed. I intend to release new versions of Facebot and I'd love to make it easier if this is too complex for it's own good.

JonhMc said...

No problem on the instructions, Josh, they are perfect, really.. I just can't find those "yellow" shapes when i print the last 6 pages on the pdf Letter and A4 compatible.. The shape that i have after glue everything is not the one from the 4 limbs, i just have two shapes left here and they are not any of the limbs..

Can you check the shapes pdf, not the instructions.

BTW, great job! when you realease next versions i will be one of the firsts to have it.

Josh Buczynski said...

Aha! I didn't know those black and white pages ended up in the PDF... must be from when I reuploaded it to fix the mirrored arm error.

That last page is for the new version of Facebot that is in development, the one that has elbow and knee joints. Just print out two of those pages so you have 4 of each limb, assemble the limb frames, and glue one to each end of the limb. Use the Shoulder Limb frames for two of those ends, so you can glue on the shoulder pads.

Check out a photo of Facebot in II Love - I have a side-by-side pic of Facebot Dynactron and the black and white one you are trying to build!

gilangfm said...

wow cool, thanks

Tekenika said...

Hello, I also began to build the version in black and white. (I have no color printer). I found the same difficulty JonhMC. 2 parts which are not in the colored version and lack of limbs.
Where I can see your advice (Facebot in II Love)
Of course grateful

Unknown said...

Hello teher
Download link is dead, i would appriciated if you could share templates again