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Do you want a custom, poseable, paper design of your own to help promote your product?

Poseability and articulation have been my design focus since 2005 and I have developed several unique and reliable methods for adding friction-bound movement to paper toys:
  • Magnets and Rare-Earth Magnets
  • Cylinder and Sleeve (robust fit with interchangeable parts)
  • Rubber Band (Planar and Rotational connections)
  • Flat Axle (featured on the Paper Poseables site)
  • Screw-in Flat Axle (also featured on the Paper Poseables site)
  • Poplocks - the current main feature technology on Paper Poseables. Perfect for die-cut products and No Glue required!
My work has been featured in the book, "Build Your Own Paper Robots", 2009, Ilex Press:
  • Microbot
  • Chompy Bots
I was also a contributor for "Build Fun Paper Cameras", 2009, Ilex Press:
  • Seven case designs, each featuring a special mechanism to act as a shutter for the pinhole camera.
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If you need a custom, one-of-a-kind construction, or a template ready to distribute via print or download, you'll receive the design that will fit your specification.

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