Thursday, December 29, 2011

Poplock Sampler

I have my Gupp-E Poplock toys for sale at my Big Cartel Shop and they are pretty awesome since there is no cutting needed -- I do all of the cutting and then mail it to you!

If you can't wait for the mail delivery guy and you like to DIY, this is your chance to play with Poplocks right now!

And if you want to try these things out, you can download the PDF, print it out, cut it out, and then you'll figure out why I'm so excited about Poplocks!


Once you get that, get those parts ready so you can explore Poplock construction.

Print this page on 65 lb or 110 lb Card Stock. You can print this page on US Letter-size paper or A4 paper -- the margins for the printable area fit on both, so "Auto-Rotate and Center" and choose "No Scaling" from the options in the "Print" menu in your PDF reader.

Let's Build with Poplocks!

Everything is cut out and ready. Phew!
- Connector Bars
- Double Poplocks
- Locking Flap Adapters

Fold all of the parts on the dotted lines.
Folded pieces bend less and withstand more use.

Line up 2 holes - Insert a folded Poplock.

Press down on the middle; you'll feel it pop!

The Locking Flap Adapter makes
poplock connections
Fold the Locking Flaps through the holes.

Insert a Poplock and pop it into place.

This connection won't break, no matter how
you spin or bend it. The only way to release
it is to pop out the Poplock.

You can connect more than two Connector
Bars together.

But four Connector Bars is the limit. 8
pieces of card stock is the maximum thickness
that a Double Poplock should hold...

If you try to join five Connector Bars
(more than 8 sheets of paper), the Poplock
will crease and become damaged.
Connections could fall apart!

I hope you get a feel for how Poplocks work from this page of parts. If you have any questions or if you've got feedback, leave a comment right below or go to the Contact Page and email me.

If you decide to design your own paper toys using Poplocks or Locking Flaps, go right ahead! Just read through the Poplock Page first.

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